About Us



Thank you for looking at our online store.   I am Carol Buckneberg and owner of Carol Jo's.  I am also the creator of all the items you see on caroljos.com 

In 2005, my sister and I had a girls day that included a class in making stretchy bracelets. That was the start of my love for creating jewelry. The next year I took lots of classes and made jewelry for friends and family. I asked my sister what I could do next since I had made jewelry for everyone. Her suggestion was to start selling it. So Bead Designs By Carol was born. I started making jewelry using beads. That grew into trying to find different items to create with. I love creating with items found around the house. I’ve used the marble inside spray paint cans, back splash tiles, washers, hex nut and acrylic paints to create jewelry. 

For 14 years, I’ve done vendor shows. This has including charities shows that are very special to me to the large events that draw 50,000 plus attendees. In 2020, changes happened to the vendor show scene. Events were cancelled or postponed until 2021. That’s when I decided to open an Etsy shop.  I tried the Etsy shop for a year. I've had fun with Etsy but I wanted something new.   

So in June of 2021, Carol Jo's became a reality.  The reason for the name change is because my creations are more than just bead jewelry.  They include jewelry without beads and accessories that are not jewelry. 

My background for close to 20 years has been Information Technology.  Using what I know about IT, I created caroljos.com.   You will find all the latest creation in the online store. With the change to online, attending vendor shows will be less.   

Most of my jewelry is one of a kind. So if you like it, snag it before someone else does. I’ve been at shows where a guest says I’ll think about it. When the guest comes come back and finds out it’s gone.  They are sad because I don’t have another.