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A connector link uses the lobster clasps on the color bracelet to connected together to form a bracelet. The links are made of plated brass and come in many different colors. The individual connector is interchangeable with suede or faux leather bracelets to create different looks. Because of its versatility and customizable nature, a connector bracelet is a popular choice for those who want to express their personal style and create a unique piece of jewelry.

  • Connector link color: see options
  • Connector: see options 
  • Size: see options 
  • Bracelet colors: see options 

Option 1 - Heather Pink, Lilac, Yellow, Grey,  Black

Option 2 - Yellow, Orange, Rusty Red, Turquoise and Black

Option 3 - Periwinkle, Tangerine, Brown, Black and Green Camouflage 

Option 4 - Navy Blue, Bright Blue, Mint Green, Brown, Black

Option 5 - Light Purple, Lilac, Yellow, Rusty Red, Black

Option 6 - Yellow, Orange, Brown Heather Pink, Black 

Option 7 - Hot pink, Army Green, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Black

Option 8 - Yellow, Purple, Bright Blue, Orange, Black 

Option 9 - Lilac, Brown, White, Black, Black 

Option 10 - White, Mint, Salmon, Brown, Black

Option 11 - Salmon, Turquoise, Purple, Brown, Black

Option 12 White, Heather Pink, Lavender, Brown, Black

Option 13 - Mint, Heather Purple, Purple, Beige, Black