Crystal Chips in Glass Bottle Necklace

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Gemstone chip in glass bottle pendant necklaces feature small chips or fragments of gemstones encased in a small glass bottle. The bottle is made of glass, allowing the gemstones inside to be seen and admired. The gemstone chips are usually placed inside the bottle in a random or haphazard manner, giving the necklace a unique and whimsical appearance. The necklace itself chain, and the glass bottle is attached to the chain or cord to create the pendant. Gemstone chip in glass bottle pendant necklaces are a popular choice for those who enjoy wearing gemstones and crystals for their healing properties, as the small size of the gemstones allows them to be worn close to the body.

  • Glass pendant is 1 1/4” long by 1/2” wide 
  • Silver or gold plated chain
  • Chain: see Option 
  • Crystal color: See Option