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Have you wanted to step outside of your comfort zone and get jewelry that you normally wouldn't pick out?  Are you someone who loves a surprise?   Well the Mystery Bags are for you!!!  

This Mystery Bag is necklaces only.

You can pre-purchase a Mystery Bag or order from a limited available quantity on the Live.   

Your Mystery Bag will be revealed during the TikTok Live event.   If you join the TikTok live, you can select the your bag,  You will also be given the chance to keep or pass on the first selection.   If you pass the next bag selected will be the jewelry you will receive.  If you are not on the TikTok live, I will randomly select a bag for you to reveal and send your items to you.   

Game will be played live on TikTok ( @CarolJosLLC).  If you want to be present, the date and time is listed above.  (I would suggest you joining to take in the fun experience.) 

You DO NOT need to be present to win. If not present and your name is drawn you will win first jewelry selection picked!


THE VALUE OF JEWELRY IN THE MYSTERY BAG WILL BE EQUAL TO OR GREATER THAN THE COST OF THE MYSTERY BAG.  For example, the cost of the mystery bag is $20.00, the jewelry in the bag will be at least $20.00.